Dust  -Sugarflair - Craft Dusting Colour - Bluebell - NON-EDIBLE

Dust -Sugarflair - Craft Dusting Colour - Bluebell - NON-EDIBLE

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This non edible, non-toxic Bluebell Craft Dust by Sugarflair is the best way to get a vibrant shade for your non edible cake decorations.

The colour is particularly good for roses and other sugar flowers that really need to stand out. It can also be used to colour cake toppers and models giving that intense, eye catching finish.

The craft dust can be used to colour florist and modelling paste to create flowers and figures that may touch a cake but wouldn’t be eaten. The dust Is food contact safe so fine for using on additional and stand alone decorations.

The craft dust can be mixed with a little lustre dust if you require a shiny finish or mixed with Sugarflair Rejuvenator Spirit to form a paint that is great for plaque work and additional hand painted designs.

If you are looking to form your own shade, the craft dusts can be mixed together to create any amount of colours and shades. If you are looking to create a paler colour, then simply mix it with the White Blossom Tint Dust.

The pot contains 7ml (approximately 2g).

Please note that the colour may differ slightly from the image.