Cupcake box 4 hole x 4 inches deep (premium boxes)

Cupcake box 4 hole x 4 inches deep (premium boxes)

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Cakes oLicious Premium 4 White Ex Deep filmed window cupcake box with seperate divider. (4in Deep)

Pack contents:

 White Cupcake Boxes  (divider has a 6cm diameter, fits our baking cases 51 x 38 mm) 

6 point glued for easy assembly, pop up boxes.



Millimetres  178 x 178 x 100

Inches  7 x 7 x 4


Our 4 Cupcake Box has a filmed window to ensure your cakes stay protected. With its plain and simple design you cannot fail to have made the right choice. It gives you the perfect oppurtunity to turn this box into anything fancy, by jazzing it up with coloured ribbon, stickers or bows it gives you the flexability to use it for any occasion.