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Wired Sugar Peony (date to be announced)

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Cost:  £60


This workshop would be ideal for anyone wishing to begin to learn the Art of Wired Sugar Flower Making. Sugar flowering skills need to be nurtured and so this workshop will offer you a foundation of basic skills to start you on your flower journey...

The pace of this Peony flower workshop will allow a complete beginner to attend.

Subjects to be covered:

How to work with Flower Paste
How to wire Petals, using the correct strength of wire
How to vein Petals
How to Soften Petals
How to create the centre of the Peony flower
Attaching and dusting stamens
Dusting Petals

How to assemble petals around the stamens and centre to create a realistic Peony flower


Skill Level: ALL

Fee is inclusive of all the materials and use of equipment during the workshop