Tool - PME  14 Modelling tools - Caddy Set

Tool - PME 14 Modelling tools - Caddy Set

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The caddy contains:

Bone Tool: ideal for thinning and smoothing the edges of leaves.

Blade and Shell Tool: for creating simple embossed shell patterns and borders, also great for making the feet of marzipan animals.

Ball Tool: an essential tool for flower modelling , used to cup and shape leaves, petals and frills; the small size is perfect for creating precise detail.

Scallop and Comb Tool: the comb end is great for marking and embossing a serrated design or pattern and the scallop is ideal for creating human and animal features as mouths, eyes, ears and eyebrows, etc.

Serrated and Tapered Cone Tool: used for indentations and embossing also good for creating cone shaped hollows, ideal for creating fantastic looking fruit like apples, pears, etc. The serrated cone is fantastic for making the throats of a wide variety of flowers.

2 Scriber Needles, thick and thin: ideal for marking templates, releasing trapped air from under icing, clearing nozzle ends and marking tiny dots.

Tapered Cones 5/6 Star Tool Used as a single star embosser, also can be used to create the centres of 5 or 6 petal flowers.

Bulbulous Tool: A very versatile tool that can be used to hollow and emboss a variety of shapes, a fantastic frilling tool.

Flower / Leaf Shaper Tool: perfect for the shaping and veining of petals and leaves.

Design Wheeler: ideal for fabric effects, sugar embroidery, ribbons and additional detail to cut out shapes.

Quilting Tool: ideal for veining of petals and leaves and for animal and figure modelling, creating fine lines and stitching details into models.

Cutting Wheels: A superb cutting tool with a different size wheel at either end.

Sugar Craft Knife: for cutting delicate patterns and precise lines.

The Set also includes two blades: a Scalpel Blade and a Ribbon Insertion Blade.These modelling tools are ideal for use with a wide range of edible and non-edible materials including sugar paste (rolled fondant), flower paste gum paste), marzipan or craft clays.

Add simple but effective detail to enhance your cakes, flowers and models.

Dimension: 188 x 90 x 60 mm (7.4 x 3.5 x 2.4”)

10 Years PME Warranty Included (Conditions Apply)