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Vintage cupcake class (Dates to be announced soon)

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Our vintage cupcakes class has been designed to teach you how to create beautiful, stylish cupcakes that will suit any party or event that you make them for. They make wonderful gifts for friends and family and suit just about any occasion! Just imagine seeing their faces when presenting them with this beautiful box of cupcakes.

You will learn how to:​

  • Colour your fondant & the different colours available on the market
  • Create beautiful large 'domed' tops on your cupcakes
  • Emboss your domed cupcakes
  • Use moulds and lustre dusts
  • Make beautiful embossed bows
  • Finish a cupcake with brush embroidery
  • Make frills and add them to designs
  • Create beautiful ruffled blossoms

It will be a fun filled busy day and we can assure you that you will go home delighted with 6 wonderfully decorated cupcakes. You will also have plenty of opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

( Please advise if you have any allergies as the following cakes can be made: Gluten free, Egg Free, Dairy free or Vegan.